Frequently Asked Questions

Our training program is a total of 30 months (2½ years). It consists of 10 quarters at 3 months each.

It is broken out by quarter; each quarter has a cost of $700 for the program (English or Spanish) for a total of 10 quarters.

No, the program is designed for students just starting in the trade.

As soon as you enroll in the ET Program, we email you the enrollment form and ET registration form to send to the DIR to receive your Electrical Trainee card. Every year you must renew this card. As long as you are compliant in the program, we issue you a renewal letter. After you complete the program, you will be emailed a certificate of completion. When you need to renew your ET card, you send the certificate of completion instead of a renewal letter. You can continue to send this certificate every year until you take and pass your certification exam.

You will be emailed a certificate of completion. When you need to renew your ET card, you send the certificate of completion instead of a renewal letter.

English students enrolled prior to October 2020 go to:

English students enrolled after October 2020 go to: 

Spanish students use the link emailed to them for GoToTraining.

Yes, you can stop the lesson and resume later. The quiz must be done in one sitting.

No. You are required to download any documents provided and review but not required to print them out. CET highly suggests you print out the materials for your own recordkeeping and to use for assistance on the quizzes.

You must attend your lab by the end of the quarter. Lab space is first come-first serve, so please to be sure to sign up for the date that works best for you at the beginning of the quarter.

No. As long as you finish all the assigned lessons and attend 1 lab by the end of the quarter you can do it in any order that suits your schedule best.

You are welcome to attend your labs at another DIR approved ET school, however, we must be notified and approve of the lab prior to your attendance in order to get credit for the lab.

You can reschedule online or call or email us up to 10 days prior to date to be rescheduled at no cost. If you notify us after this period, there is a $150 rescheduling fee for onsite dates and $50 for webinars. 

An onsite missed date will have a rescheduling fee of $100. A missed webinar will have a fee of $50.

Yes. If you do not attend your lab within your quarter, by your checkout date, you will go on Academic Probation.

This is the time frame that you have to pay for your next quarter. The checkout period starts 2 weeks prior to the last day of the quarter.

No, you have to wait until the Checkout Period to start your next quarter.

You will be put on Academic Probation and you will have to pay the applicable probation fee.

This is the last day of your quarter. The Checkout Date is the day that you must have completed all the lessons, labs, and paid for your next quarter.

You can contact our office by phone at (562) 485-9144 or by email at, or

Notify us by phone or email and we will drop you from the program. We will also notify the DIR that you are no longer attending our school.

You need to make a copy of your Certificate of Completion and attach it with your Renewal Application each year to be legally working.

There are three reasons a student can go on Academic Probation. By the end of the quarter the lessons are not complete, the required lab was not attended, and/or the next quarter was not paid for by the checkout date.

Within 30 days of the probation status, you must complete the incomplete quarter AND make the next quarter payment.

You will lose access to the training and will not be allowed to sign up for classes and labs. We will notify the DIR causing your ET card status to become inactive.

Within 1 year of drop, you must pay a $100 reinstatement fee to rejoin the program. After 1 year, you will need to contact us to start the program over again.

After one year of being dropped if you decide to come back to the program you will have to start over as a new student.

The State requires you to renew your ET card every year.

If you renew your card before the expiration date, there is no fee. If you let the card expire and have to reinstate, there is a $25 fee.

You will need to complete the Electrical Trainee Reinstatement form and get proof of enrollment in a state approval ET Program. Send these forms and applicable fees to the state to have your ET card reinstated.

It means you are not active on the Electrician Trainee list and are not able to legally work under a C-10 Licensed Contractor.

Yes, CET offers CE classes online and through our hands-on labs. Currently, all our CE courses are relevant to the general electrical certification. We also encourage students to sign up for CE classes through our non-profit partner, NLCAA, if interestd in Lighting Controls and Title 24 training ( 

If your card expires, you will be required to retake the state exam. You need to complete the renewal application (mark the section for Renewal of EXPIRED Certification or Retake of Exam) and submit the form with the applicable fees to the state to retake the exam. After your certification has expired you will not be recognized as a certified electrician and must register as an electrician trainee with the state in order to legally work as an electrician in California during the gap between your expiration date and the date you re-take and pass the exam.

The paperwork must be postmarked by your expiration date. Renewal applications submitted prior to or on the date of expiration will be accepted.

Yes. Go to and register. Then you can choose the lab you would like to attend. The price of a single lab is $150.

No, students are responsible for finding work on their own.

No, payments must be made via credit or debit card.