Certified Electricians - CEUs

Electricians are required to pass the California Electrician Certification Exam and complete a minimum of 32 hours of continuous education every three years to maintain and renew their state Electrician Certification.
CET offers Continuous Education in online packages and through hands-on lab classes.



Safety is the number one priority especially when you are out in the field. This OSHA 10 online training course teaches recognition, avoidance, abatement and prevention of safety and health hazards in...

10 Hours

OSHA 10 En Español

La seguridad es la prioridad número uno, especialmente cuando se encuentra trabajando. Este curso de capacitación en línea de OSHA 10 enseña el reconocimiento, la evitaci&o...

10 Hours

Title 24 Acceptance Testing

Acceptance Test Technician

An Acceptance Test Technician is an installation technician that is certified to perform nonresidential acceptance testing for lighting controls.

24 Hours

Acceptance Test Employer

Each Acceptance Test Technician must be employed by an ATE to participate in the program; even ATTs that are self-employed.

8 Hours

For more Continuing Education Classes covering Title 24 and lighting controls, see NLCAA's upcoming courses