Electrical Trainee Program

Electrical Trainee Program

CET’s state-approved Electrical Trainee Program is a 2½ year program. Students are enrolled in school continuously for ten 3-month quarters. This training will provide students with all the necessary material to be able to confidently understand concepts, real-life techniques, and code information to become highly qualified Electrical Trainees, equipped to work under any contractor. As soon as you enroll, you can obtain your Electrical Trainee (ET) card from the State Click here to learn how to apply for your ET card.

Online Courses offered in English and Spanish

The ET program includes both online courses and on-site lab classes.

The online courses consist of eBook Reading, Concept Checks, Trade Terms, Review Questions, and Tests. Throughout the lessons there will be presentations, downloads, videos, quizzes and tests. The coursework can be done at the student’s own pace as long as it is all completed by the end of the quarter.

English courses are offered online at: www.nccerconnect.com.

Current Spanish-speaking students and English-speaking students enrolled prior to October 2020, log into their courses at: ceticlasses.com

The program can be started at any time throughout the year. A quarter begins as soon as the student makes the 1st quarter payment.

The cost of the ET program is $700 per quarter, this includes both the online courses and the on-site lab class.

On-Site Labs

Included in the cost of the ET program, is the required lab classes. All students participate in one lab class each quarter.
We offer one online lab and the remainder of these hands-on labs take place on Saturdays and Sundays at our facility in Signal Hill.

Group Enrollments

If you would like to sign up 6 or more students, we offer group incentives. For group members, the $75 application fee is waived for all students. An admin account will be set up to track student progress, view student files and make quarter payments.
If you sign up 15 or more employees, contact us for information on discounted pricing for quarter payments and monthly billing options.

Program Policies & Procedures

Download our ET Program Student Handbook for more information about our program’s policies and procedures.

How to Apply

How to apply for the ET Card
  • Create an Account
  • Complete the ET Program Application
  • Pay the $75 Application Fee
  • Complete and Pass the Pre-Assessment with 75% or better*
  • Receive an email confirmation once approved for the program
  • Pay for the 1st Training Quarter
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*The Pre-Assessment is a multiple choice test with multiple attempts allowed consisting of:

  • Mathematic Questions
  • Adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing
  • Solving for X
  • Adding, subtracting and converting fractions and decimals
  • Reading Comprehension Questions

If you are struggling to complete and pass this assessment we highly recommend utilizing: Khanacademy.