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Become an Electrical Trainee

California Electrical Training Inc, is a approved by the State of California as school #151 to implement Electrical Training.

Our simple and flexible Electrical Trainee Program is designed to help you accomplish your professional and financial goals in a matter of 30 months compared with other longer and more costly programs.

Our prices and flexible schedules will help you become an Electrical Trainee in very little time. The process to follow is quite uncomplicated and the requirements are minimal.

The course can be completed online or onsite depending on the type of program that you have signed up for.
CET offers two types of programs:

  • Online
    Online Class

    Offered in English with an Virtual Learning Experience.

  • Onsite
    Online Class

    Offered in Spanish with Lessons taught by a Spanish speaking Instructor.

With our flexible, easily accessible educational system, you can begin working towards the professional goals that you always dreamed of but did not have the time to complete. No need to sit behind a desk all day or pay attention to a tedious instructor. Just turn on your computer, register and begin our course! Get ready to experience one of the most user-friendly websites! Your new career is just one click (link to app) away!

At California Electrical Training, we understand the value of time management and that is why we have designed easy payment methods that allow you to purchase Training Quarters in a just a few steps. We believe that your main focus should be placed on your academic progress, that is why we have facilitated payment options for you to effectively go through the program and complete payments from the comfort of your own home.

California Electrical Training places great value in small businesses and Contractors, that is why we have designed a program that specifically meets the needs of larger groups that would like to take part of the training and receive great promotions and group discounts. Call us today to find out more information about the registration process and multiple perks that accompany Contractor Group registrations.

In order to reinforce the material that is learned through the online content we require that all students attend a minimum of ONE lab class every quarter in order to obtain a more personalized instruction, one-on-one training, and hands-on application of the knowledge that has been previously learned during the different Training Quarters.

We believe that our students are to be treated with the utmost respect and dedication; which is the reason why we have devoted customer service representatives waiting to help you through the enrollment process. We offer personalized education plans that are designed to help you go through the program in the most efficient way possible and also direct you into becoming a State-certified electrician. Try us! We will not disappoint you!

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