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Frequently Asked Questions

Our training program is a total of 30 months. It consists of 10 quarters at 3 months each.
It is broken out by quarter, each quarter has a cost of $300 for the English online program or $350 for the Spanish onsite program for a total of 10 quarters.
The fee includes access to the online database where you will complete the assigned online lessons and access to the website to schedule and attend 1 onsite, hands on lab class each quarter.
This fee gives you access to the website to sign up and attend 1 class per month for 3 months for Spanish instructed lessons and 1 onsite, hands on lab class.
You must attend your lab by the end of the quarter. Lab space is first come first serve so please to be sure to sign up for the date that works best for you at the beginning of the quarter. One lab is required every quarter
No. As long as you finish all the assigned lessons and attend 1 lab by the end of the quarter you can do it in any order that suits your schedule best.
You can call or email us up to 3 days prior to lab date to have your lab rescheduled at no cost.
A missed lab will have a rescheduling fee of $100.
Yes. If you do not attend your lab within your quarter by your checkout date you will go on Academic Probation.
This is the time frame that you have to pay for your next quarter. The checkout period starts 2 weeks prior to the last day of the quarter.
There is a $30 late fee added to the cost of the quarter and you will be put on Academic Probation.
This is the last day of your quarter. The Checkout Date is the day that you must have completed all the lessons, labs, and paid for your next quarter.
You will be emailed a certificate of completion. When you need to renew your ET card you send the certificate of completion instead of a renewal letter.
You can contact our office by phone at (877)225-9562, call or email Brianna, the Program Coordinator at (562)357-9335 or bscalzo@nlcaa.org or email IT at it@nlcaa.org.
Notify us by phone or email and we will withdraw you from the program. We will also notify the DIR that you are no longer attending our school.
Yes. Go to californiaelectricaltraining.com/register and register. then you can choose the lab you would like to attend. The price of a single lab is $150.
Since we currently do not offer makeup classes you will have to wait to make up the class the following year when it is being offered again. Since you are required to have a certain amount of hours per quarter you will be required to pay a $100 fee to makeup the hours by attending an additional lab.
Yes, you can stop the lesson and resume later provided you finish within your quarter.
First, you have to create a login for the website at californiaelectricaltraining.com/register. Once you do that you can sign up for the ET Program by going to californiaelectricaltraining.com/electrical-training and clicking the signup button at the bottom of the page. After you have enrolled you will receive an email with your enrollment letter and registration form to send to the state and another email with the login information for your online lessons.
YES! You are required to attend 10 weekend lab classes in the next 30 month period. These labs are part of our program. One lab class is required per quarter and the schedule will be posted on our website.
You are welcome to attend your labs at other "state approved schools" however, we must be notified and approve of the lab prior to your attendance in order to get credit for the lab.
No. Going through the lessons it will tell you to print out on the documents but that is just what we suggest to keep records of all your education. YOu are required to download all the pdfs but if you choose to save them to your computer rather than print them out, that is okay. The labs are about hands on training so you will not need your lesson materials with you.
The State requires you to renew your card every year.
You will need to call or email us asking for your renewal letter. We will email it to you as long as you are compliant and in good standing in your schooling. you will then need to complete the Application for Renewal of Registration Trainee found at the Electrician Trainee Forms page and send both to the State.
You will lose access the website and online training and we will notify the DIR causing your ET card status to become inactive.
It means you are not active on the Electrician Trainee list and are not legal to work under a C10 Licensed Contractor.
You need to make a copy of your Certificate of Completion and attach it with your Renewal Application each year to be legally working.
There are three reasons a student can go on academic probation. By the end of the quarter the lessons are not complete, the required lab was not attended, or the next quarter was not paid for by the checkout date.
Within 90 days of the probation letter, you must complete the incomplete quarter AND the following quarter at 100%
You lose all access to the course materials and the DIR will be notified you are no longer enrolled in a state approved school
You must pay a $100 reinstatement fee to rejoin the program.
After one year of being dropped if you decide to come back to the program you will have to start over as a new student.